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Visiting Gorillas in either Uganda, Rwanda or Congo is an absolute highlight of your Africa safari. However while preparing for a gorilla tracking adventure, there are a few tips you need to equip your self with before your gorilla trek. Its very important to be in good shape since you may trek for long hours on high altitudes – plan for at least a 3 hour hike one way, and do not underestimate how steep the mountains can be or how thick the brushes are. Make sure you have plenty of water and packed luck from your hotel in your backpack. If possible it advisable to go for two gorilla tours – trekking two different gorilla groups, most preferably of different countries because each country offers different gorilla trekking adventure and different gorillas in addition to giving you a longer time with the gentle giants. It’s also recommended to pack a pair of leather garden gloves as the forest has lots of thorns. Don’t forget to carry a rain jacket as East Africa has a tropical climate and it can rain any time of the year.

Gorilla Trekking Packages Available

Gorilla Trekking Packages Available for Rwanda, Uganda and Congo

  • 12 Days Best Gorilla AdventureA 12-day safari that takes you to the major Ugandan National Parks .The safari begins with a visit to Murchison Falls National Park, the Kibale Forest National park, to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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  • 5 Days Double Gorilla TrekkingMountain gorilla safari in Rwanda starting and ending in Kigali. Experience 2 gorilla treks – tracking different gorillas families offering special fantastic encounters with the mountain gorillas.

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  • 5 Days Gorilla Wildlife Tour
    Uganda Adventure safari taking you to experience the queen Elizabeth savannah and its wildlife – tree climbing lions, buffaloes, elephants, hippos plus the splendid Kazinga channel launch cruise.

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