Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Amazing experience seeing the gorillas in their natural habitant and is totally worth all the effort, time, passion and money

Coffee Picking

Coffee is one of the major cash crops in Uganda.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Luxury safari lodge - offering you a memorable stay in Rwanda - Nyungwe forest. Very recommended lodge while on a rwanda tour

Gorilla Foot

The reason why mountain gorilla tracking is popularly joined by many travelers is the intriguing features and resemblance mountain gorillas have comparing to human being.

Gorilla Safari Trips - Tracking Gorillas in Rwanda & Uganda

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Gorilla Tracking in Uganda and Rwanda and Congo

Gorilla trekking is an incredibly beautiful and a lifetime experience, which is only found in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. The choice is where to trek gorillas depends on the travellers interest.

Where to see Gorillas?

Gorillas are split into two classifications – Mountain gorillas and Lowland gorillas with some more subspecies.

Mountain gorillas are located and can be seen with in the Virunga Volcanic Mountains of Central Africa in 3 national parks; Parc national des Volcans - in north-west Rwanda, Mgahinga in south-west Uganda; and Virunga national park – east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). More of the mountain gorillas are located in Bwindi national park in Uganda.

Lowland Gorillas live in tropical forests of central Africa and are found in northern Republic of Congo and can be tracked in Kahuzi Biega national park

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda Vs Uganda

Trekking Gorillas in Rwanda is less tough depending on your selected gorilla trek.
In Rwanda you have a choice to choose a simple – closer gorilla group or hard trek – far gorilla group. While Bwindi is an impenetrable forest which is unpredictable but guarantees to see the gorillas but surely requires a good level of fitness.

In addition, is the driving distance of the international airports to the gorilla safari parks. Volcanoes is 2 and half hours drive from Kigali and hence travelers can do a 1-2 days gorilla tour in Rwanda while Kampala – Entebbe airport is 10-11 hours drive to Bwindi –Buhoma region. This makes tracking Uganda gorillas tougher than in Rwanda.

A shorter distance to track Uganda Gorillas is from Kigali – crossing via the Katuna border to Bwindi – Ruhijja region 4 hours drive and back to Rwanda the next day after the trek. Or you can opt for a charter flight from Entebbe.

Gorilla Permits in Rwanda go for $750 while Uganda gorilla permit goes for $500 during the pick seasons however during low seasons permit goes for $350 (Nov, April, May) and you need to book months earlier as they get finished fast.

All in all, the feeling of trekking gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda is quite different and is highly subjected to individual objective of seeing the gorillas. Some travelers have trekked Ugandan gorillas more than 6 times, others have tracked Rwanda twice totally depending on personal intent – If you have the opportunity to track them both, please go for it as the terrain is different, gorillas look different

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Gorilla Tracking

  • 3 Days Uganda Tour
  • 3 Days Gorilla Trekking
  • 4 Days Double gorilla Trek

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